Company Leadership

Dieter Bruhn, President

Dieter Bruhn is the President and Founder of One World Training, as well as the Director of Training. He has a Master's degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) as well as a Master's degree in Language & International Trade, which gives him a strong understanding of both education and business. He has been in the training world for more than 25 years, and he has worked on projects in the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina,  Costa Rica, Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Korea, Japan,  Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Tunisia and Indonesia.   

Highlights of his career include spearheading the design, development and implementation of a state-of-the-art language and culture training program for call centers across the globe for a major call center company, launching the new training program, and training and certifying trainers and Master Trainers at 20 sites around the world.  Moreover, he recently conducted business communication and leadership training and coaching for young professionals and female entrepreneurs in India, where he also trained and mentored local trainers.  In addition, he led a five-month educational project in Brazil, where he conducted an in-depth needs analysis and helped 66 vocational colleges improve their English language training.  He also directed the language portion of a program in Multilateral Diplomacy in Vietnam, taught in a Pre-MBA program in Indonesia, and worked as Chair of the Business English Department at a private college in Thailand (where he led an ongoing teacher training, development and certification program).  Moreover, he managed and taught in summer graduate preparatory program for international MBA students at the University of Colorado for 15 years.  Dieter has served on the Executive Board of Colorado TESOL since 2005, including two terms as President, and he has presented at numerous local and international conferences,  including giving the closing keynote presentation at the Cambodia TESOL Convention in  2015.  Furthermore, he has been certifying teachers in TEFL (Teaching  English as a Foreign Language) in Colorado since 2001.  He has also conducted intensive teacher training workshops in Pakistan, Thailand,  Cambodia, Korea and Myanmar, where he has provided local teachers with innovative ways of creating more dynamic and interactive classrooms.